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Public Works


The City of Port Orford presently obtains its water from Hubbard Creek, a perennial stream located just east of the City’s boundary...(more)...

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Franchise Services

Port Orford contracts with a number of independent companies to handle essential services in a cost-effective manner for our residents and businesses. Click on companies in box.

How Safe is
Our Water?

Franchise Services

Coos Curry
Electric Cooperative

Frontier Telephone

Cable TV
Charter Cable

Garbage & Recycling
Curry Transfer &

Water Treatment System

The water is piped to town where it is treated by filtration and disinfected before being delivered to City residents...(more)...

Wastewater Treatment System

Port Orford has a wastewater collection, treatment and discharge system that serves the area within its boundary. The wastewater system consists of sewage collection lines, a sewage treatment plant and an ocean outfall effluent discharge from the treatment plant. ...(more)...


Street right-of-ways are wide throughout much of Port Orford, and undeveloped streets lie between some properties. Utility services are buried in many of these right-of-ways, so be safe and call before doing any excavation.

Call before you dig: 800.332.2344


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